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Box: "Wicket the Ewok — Ewoks at Home"

We had thought that the previous seven sets made up the complete range of Thomas Salter "Return of the Jedi" products. Then I pointed out to Craig Spivey that this box, which had been cruising around on eBay for months, didn't seem to be in his collection. A man who knows his duty when he sees it, he snapped it up & sent me the photos for this article. It is, unfortunately, used, but given that no-one seems to have previously known of its existence, I hope you will happy to see it in any condition.

I suggested that perhaps it was part of a later release than the other sets, & I'm happy to see my conjecture corroborated by the copyright date on the transfer sheet (which, however, is otherwise blank).


"Return of the Jedi" products are copyrighted 1983 — the release date of the film. Indeed, that's the date on the front cover of this box; but the transfer sheet is dated 1984, implying that it refers to something released the following year, & focussing on Ewoks. And it turns out there were a couple of follow-up films & even an Ewoks TV programme; so there you are.

But there is a complicating factor — of course. Thomas Salter went bust in 1983, with their assets being sold to Rainbow Toys via the Receiver. This makes this box set posthumously Thomas Salter! Character licenses would be assigned in advance of release, with the copyright dates specified for the year of release, even though the products themselves would not be released before the launch. So if the axe fell after the license had been agreed, production could still go ahead after the Receiver had stepped in.

But it would have been close…


Note that the dimensions are given in Imperial rather than Metric — another characteristic distinguishing it from the rest of the range.


To clarify the "Wicket the Ewok" situation, there are three sets known with that title:

The PrestoMagiX "Wicket the Ewok — Ewok Village" box set is equivalent to the Thomas Salter "Ewok Village" set, but with the "Wicket" logo added.

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Picture Credit: the SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to Craig Spivey