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Kellogg's Frost Flingor Elefantpojken (Elephant Boy) 1973 [PR178]

Based on the eponymous TV programme.


The ever-helpful David Welch (pezdudewelch on eBay) listed this amazing find of an art board & uncut sheets.

David's original description:

"ITEM: art board with photo of foreign Denmark Kelloggs SFF box and 2 proof sheets for PR178 Letraset premium animal rubons 1973 (each sheet has 35 images, says "Printed in England")"

"SIZE: art board is 18 x 22 inches; (2) Letraset proofs are 15 x 16 inches each"

Then, in answer to my customary annoying queries, David said:

"Both sheets say Letraset and PR178 — each sheet has a strip of 5 folded back under the larger portion. I measured these with the flap folded out, and the measurements are accurate. The company listing on the side of the cereal box is Denmark, not sure what the language is."

Presumably the folds are so they fit in the file! The client was Danish, but the language is Swedish & you can see the word "Sverige" on the smallest flap. Letraset did have a branch in Sweden, & Semic Press is Swedish, at the time being Sweden's largest source for comics; they were no doubt mentioned on the transfer sheets because they owned the rights to Elephant Boy.

Uncut sheets are pretty hard to find, for obvious reasons! I have a few, but mostly when something went wrong with one of the plates; it's nice to see a pristine example.


Original photo courtesy of pezdudewelch

"Skicka efter den här fina affischer på Elefantpojken" — "Send off for this great poster of Elephant Boy"

You can see that there is a certain amount of duplication on the two sheets, so that, as is traditional, some transfers would be statistically more easy to obtain than others.

Consequently, although there are seventy transfers on these two uncut sheets, there were — after cutting — only twenty different transfer sheets to be collected (twenty-one transfers, if you count the butterflies as two), & from all the assorted offcuts I've amassed, I can show you all twenty:


The offcuts, in case you're interested, came from akqjpotts on eBay, who was a very fruitful & helpful source for these & many others to be seen sprinkled around the Action Transfers website. He says his Father obtained them to entertain the kids, but has no idea how he came by them. However, it's usually the case that offcuts & uncut sheets were taken from the reject bin at the Letraset factory in Ashford, so no doubt that was the case here.

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