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There were two books in the Joe 90 range:

These are dated 1968, but the serial number indicates 1970. They are very late for monochrome silkscreen transfers; the last new products from the Kippax press.

Perhaps the client, Century 21 Merchandising, was interested in keeping costs to a minimum. Or perhaps they had fond memories of the monochrome Thunderbirds set!

Publishing as a book, rather than as a toy, also had tax advantages.

Shaqui Le Vesconte says:

"Well known comic artist and illustrator, the late Brian Lewis (he died in 1978), did the colour spread for the transfers. The other credited artist is N. Faure, who I believe did the b/w strip adaptation. It is possible Faure did the colour cover illustration — it doesn't look like Brian Lewis' distinctive style."

The author, E.C.Tubb, was a well-known science fiction author.

We're going to show you both books in unused condition, but just to give you an idea of what they might look like after they've been got at…


We'd like to thanks Saint & AtlasSix for their help in sourcing the transfer sheet for "Attack of the Tiger". The one shown is courtesy of Saint.

PR61A: Test Flight

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — Saint