Waddington's Instant Pictures [1966]

When John Waddington Ltd. took over the distribution of Letraset's Busy Bee Instant Picture Packs & their Instant Picture Panoramas (for details, see the Waddington's Catalogues article), they added a new range, completing the trio of Waddington's Instant Picture products. Two years later, Letraset abandoned the term 'Instant Pictures' in favour of 'Action Transfers', so the only other ranges featuring the term 'Instant Pictures' were a few promotional items, the two Joe 90 Magic Instant Picture Books, the two Patterson Blick Panoramas, & the Patterson Blick Instant Picture Books.

Letraset found Waddington's quite difficult to deal with, & by 1974 they had moved on. However, it seems that quite a few of these Waddington's Instant Picture sets were printed, since they still turn up from time to time in unused condition.

K86 Donald Duck
K87 Thunderbirds
K88 Winnie the Pooh

Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives