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Fun Doodles

The unique selling point of Fun Doodles was that there was no background supplied on which to rub them down. This capitalised on the tendency of children to rub down their transfers on other surfaces, making a virtue of a vice; it also meant that they could be regarded as decorations.

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The packaging went through a variety of similar designs over the years.

John Hunt says he remembers Fun Doodles as his idea, & his first big project at Letraset when he became Brand Manager of the Consumer Products Division.

"In those early days we paid £100 for a character licence."

When I showed him the following uncut sheet of these first Fun Doodles (one of a pair in my personal collection), he said:

"This find of Fun Doodles is absolutely staggering and it must originally have come from someone working in the factory as they would be cut into single sheets before being packaged. I just can't imagine who would have taken a large sheet and who has obviously kept it for a very long time. I find it absolutely amazing."


As you can see, the uncut sheet is divided into eight panes (which is a very common arrangement), with each of the first four Fun Doodles sheets occurring twice.

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives