Free Gift Transfers with Breakfast Cereals

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Kellogg's Sea Creatures, Canada 1977 [PR257]

The first we heard of this promotion was the evidence of just one transfer sheet. In its packet:


…And out:


The number "2" on the sheet suggests that, as with the previous Kellogg's promotion "The Noble Game of Cricket", perhaps there were several different packet backs onto which to apply these transfers. But since it turns out there are only six sheets… perhaps not!

Eleven years earlier, in 1966, there was a Canadian Kellogg's Sugar Pops (& many other cereals) promotion called "Creatures of the Sea", but that was for trading cards (cut out of the packet backs) — not transfers. So this isn't that…

It always astonishes me that, with all the people collecting cereal packets, information about cereal promotions is so hard to find. Apparently any records the cereal companies kept have long since been lost, & there doesn't seem to be anyone left who knows this stuff. I haven't enough time to go searching for ex-employees of cereal manufacturers, so if anyone else would like to give it a go, please step forward!

International Rescue

While investigating some transfers she'd found, Melissa Anne came across this page with its single transfer sheet, & got in touch via Facebook. She brought us a step nearer to understanding what these transfers were all about.


She had acquired a number of transfers for this promotion & also for Kellogg's Rice Krispies Strange Animals of The World (visit that page as well, for the full story).

She said:

"I bought an illustrated Wildlife Treasury box at Value Village and it had all these items tucked in it — I didn't see them until I got home. It also had collectible Quaker Oats wildlife packets."


Two of her copies of the same sheet were slightly different in appearance:

"One is number 4, but its double has no number… Any idea why? They haven't been opened."

Probably the artwork would have been duplicated on the uncut sheet from which the individual transfers were cut, so although they OUGHT to be identical, one of the copies might accidentally be missing a bit. In fact, since the black plate appears missing on either side of the 'Kellogg's' logo, possibly it's a printing error & the black plate dropped out at that point!

Melissa then very generously sent us several of her transfers all the way from Canada in order to help us with these promotions, including one each of the Sea Creatures sheets 4 & 5:


As before, first in their cellophane sachets (above), & then after being removed:


Thanks again, Melissa; this really was very good & helpful of you.

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