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La Vache Qui Rit: "Le Livre de la Jungle" (1968)

"The Jungle Book" wasn't released in France until 11th December 1968, so these transfers probably actually appeared in 1969.

There were two promotions from La Vache Qui Rit for "Le Livre de la Jungle"; the other was for slides taken from the film, & at a guess I'd say it was later than this one.

These waterslide transfers are almost certainly not by Letraset, but there are two Letraset promotions from this company coming up; & anyway — I just thought you might like to see it.


Here's the label from one of the boxes.

Although I've seen adverts for this promotion several times, on each occasion the owner had cut the page out of its magazine, & so couldn't tell me the date. — Sacrilege!



One of the transfer sheets: front (above) & back (below).


See? You just have to trempez la décalcomanie dans l'eau. None of that tiresome rubbing.

These are the eight images which were available, in the order given:


Just how many promotions did La Vache Qui Rit run each year? It would take a dedicated rummage to find them all, what with Pilote, Tintin, Le Journal de Mickey, Pif Gadget, etc. to search…

Any volunteers?

Here's what we have so far:

• Pilote 391, 20th April 1967: portrait d'Astérix et de ses amis — see next page

• Tintin Hebdomadaire 17, 23rd April 1968: Mexicorama (médailles) — see below

• Pilote 460, 29th August 1968: Finas — A la Conquête de l'Espace — see next page

• Pilote 463 & 466, 19th September & 10th October 1968: une photo-couleur Mexico 1968 — see next page

• Pilote 508, 31st July 1969: A la Conquête de l'Espace — see next page

On the basis of the above rather limited sample, I would guess about two promotions per year — but apparently not at set intervals. That would place "Le Livre de la Jungle" at around January or February 1969, with the slides following after "Conquête".

It may be that set intervals — April & October — were normal, but that "Conquête" had to be shoved up the schedules in order to coincide with the Moon landing on 20th July 1969.

In which case, perhaps "Livre" was around April… OH, FIX IT YOURSELF!

Er… anyway: let's hear from those volunteer readers of Bande Dessinée!


Tintin Hebdomadaire 17, 23rd April 1968: Mexicorama

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives