Super Action Heroes

Replacing Letraset's own Super Action Transfer sets with licensed characters, there were three ranges of Super Action Heroes…

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GK173 (1974)

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A curious thing happened with these first six sets: their original transfer sheets featured a fair amount of blood, & whether due to public backlash or just cold feet, Letraset reprinted them in bloodless versions. See each set for details!

GK217 (1976)

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GK245 (1977)

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Here is a full-page ad for the series (& for the "Super Friends" range), taken from 2000AD Prog 41 (3rd December 1977). Note the reference to the "Letraset Toys Club", which unfortunately we have it from the highest authority was so unsuccessful that no-one can remember it having ever existed:



To give you an idea of what these sets looked like before they were opened, here's the front & back of the "Tarzan of the Apes Battles the Catmen" set, still in its wrapper:

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives