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Gervais-Glaces Tarzan — PR260 [1978]

Having found a massive stash of uncut sheets for this promotion, I naturally charged off around the Internet to see if I could find out anything about it. Apart from what was already evident (that it was a French promotion for Gervais Ice Cream in 1978, my dear Watson), nothing much showed up. Then I found these pieces of card cut out of an ice cream box:


eBay Seller anticl_19 was really generous & helpful in getting these bits of card across the channel — thanks, anticl_19!


"Wait fifteen minutes": that's an instruction I've never seen before. But of course you don't want to freeze your little fingers off.


Here are the backs of the above two cut-outs — your favourite views! Well… at least it gives you the relative scale.

The Transfer Sheets

Pete (jumat5698 on eBay) inherited a large stock of sheets, cut & uncut, damaged & undamaged (but mostly damaged) from his Father, who worked at Letraset's Ashford factory. Included among these was a batch of uncut PR260 sheets. So… here are the six different transfers that featured on those sheets:


As you can see, this is another promotion from French advertising agency Extension 21, whom we have met before. I will add a short feature about them when I get the chance…

And here's one of the complete sheets, so you can see how they were laid out ("very simply", is the answer!):


Don't blame me for the strong orange tint to the transfers; I actually tried to tone it down, just a little.

It would be nice to feature an advert from this promotion, so those of you who read family magazines from France in 1978: keep your eyes peeled!

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