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Marvel UK The Spider-Man Comic Nos.634-635, 4th-11th May 1985 — Free Action Rub-Down Transfers

It's a comic. It had free transfers. 'Nuff said.

No.634 4th May 1985 (LP233)

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We hope you like the Spidey rub-down transfers, presented FREE with this week's issue! We've also included a free background scene, which you can remove carefully from the comic.
Once you've added this week's transfers — keep it safe! 'CAUSE THERE ARE MORE FREE TRANSFERS NEXT WEEK!"

As you can see from the scan, the background scene was the full width of the centre pages, but not the full height.


No.635 11th May 1985 (LP232)

pic pic pic pic

"Hope you like your free Action Rub-Down Transfers! You'll see we haven't given you a background this week. The background given away last week was designed for both sets of transfers BUT ALSO we're giving you the chance to design your own!

Notice that the transfers aren't referred to as "Action Transfers", but as "Action Rub-Down Transfers". These transfers would have been produced by Acorn Printed Products.

Given that the background was to be shared between two week's worth of transfers, it seems a double swizz that four of the transfers are identical on each sheet. There's nothing like pitching low to your intended audience…

You can just make out the original transfer sheet in this close-up from the cover of the PrestoMagiX set from which the artwork was derived:


Oh, well; why not show you the whole thing? Unfortunately, it's used — but you can't have everything.



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