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La Vache Qui Rit: Goldorak (1979)

The second Letraset promotion from La Vache Qui Rit, following "A la Conquête de l'Espace" of nine years earlier (second, that is, if we assume that Letraset had nothing to do with the "Le Livre de la Jungle" waterslide transfers).

"Goldorak" is the French name for "UFO Robot Grendizer". It was broadcast in France from 1978.


This advert from Pif Gadget explains the set-up. Note the name of the promotion company: "Extension 21"; they will crop up again! And the contest to win a robot or relief poster by creating your own bande dessinée (comic strip) ends on the 31st March 1980.

Rather meanly, though, to qualify for entry into the competition:

"Attention, tu dois utiliser obligatoirement au moins une des décalcomanies Goldorak
que tu trouveras dans les boites de La Vache qui Rit."


Image courtesy of tgravetti871

The Internet has many serious faults, but at least you can use it to find the considerate person who has collected all six variations of the etiquette (label) shown here. Their Goldorak collection is truly astounding…

(Spoiler: the Goldorak section of the label is the same in each variant!)

Each sheet has a tissue backing paper:


And here's what planche no.10 looks like with the backing tissue in place behind it.


Here, without their backings, are the seven (out of ten) transfers for which I have scans:


To round us off, here are the three remaining sheets — planches 2, 6 & 8 — from robertp5883, whose daughter Sabrina collects La Vache Qui Rit but wishes there was more information available. So if you are an expert in the field of Vaches, please get in touch on eBay (or via Action Transfers on Facebook), so we can help out:


Original images courtesy of robertp5883 & Sabrina

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — tgravetti871 — robertp5883 & Sabrina