Free Gift Transfers in Food Promotions

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Brown & Polson Quick-set Blancmange: Rupert Iron-Ons (1972)

Firstly, here are three comics adverts for this promotion, each one published on 10th June 1972.


Full-page ad in colour from "Look-In" No.24


Half-page colour ad from "Teddy Bear"


Full-page black-&-white ad from "Valiant and TV21" — I'm guessing you don't need to read it all again!

I expect you'd like to see the Iron-On transfers. I only have one myself, but can show you a couple more; the 'giant' one is 8" x 5":


Scan courtesy of Wayne Ratcliffe

The text along the top right-hand edge reads: "© 1972 Beaverbrook Ltd. Printed by Letraset".

The seven smaller ones are each about 2" square.



Photocopy courtesy of Wayne Ratcliffe

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