Magic Rub-Downs [GK174]

Hanna Barbera 'TV Cartoon Characters'

"Coney People Products" were based on their original idea of characters each of whom appeared to fit into a squat cone, as demonstrated by the one featured in their logo:


"©1975 Coney People Limited — Gravel Hill, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7HG. Made for Coney People Ltd by Letraset Consumer Products Ltd."

As far as I can tell, the other products from this company were mostly card games along the lines of 'Happy Families'.

It seems they were owned by Patterson Blick, who of course had other dealings with Letraset, including the distribution of Action Transfers, & commissioning their own transfer products such as Instant Picture Books & Look 3D Peepshows.


The implication here is that girl bands can't be trusted to maintain electrical safety. The reply I received from the many girl bands of my acquaintance, on my showing them this sheet, was unprintable — but fair. Although perhaps it was the cat with the floor polisher causing the problem — but EVEN SO.


Magic Rub-Downs came in their own display box: "Another Coney People Product. Collect all six NEW titles!"


My thanks to Daren Ingram for getting in touch to provide nearly all the scans & photos above.


On the look-out for examples in order to get hi-res scans, after a very long search I found some more. Pete, whose Father worked at the Ashford Letraset Factory, had a large pile of transfer sheets, many of them uncut (& more of them partially cut, or partially used, dagnabbit). Among these were a very large number of "Hair Bear Bunch" sheets — & tucked away, the "Scooby Doo" sheet that Daren had missing (as you can see from the image above!). Years ago, Daren had said:

"I think I may have used the Scooby Doo set to rub down on my bedroom wallpaper — otherwise lost."

I hurriedly emailed him to let him know that at last I'd found him a replacement! But in the intervening years, he'd come across a few Magic Rub-Downs himself. Anyway, it all ended with everyone happy, & with a complete set of transfer sheets for you to view:


Daren Ingram adds — "If anyone in the future is looking for a full set then happy for you to mention you know someone who may be able to assist."

The cards, as you can tell, are identical for each sheet, with nothing to differentiate the titles:


You'd think it would be pretty easy to recreate an uncut sheet from these six panels, right? Six panels — space for six panels on an uncut sheet… but in the World of Letraset, things are rarely that straightforward, as you can see from these two "Hair Bear Bunch" sheets which clearly occupy different positions on an uncut sheet! So: there's some fun for you — puzzling that one out!



Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — Daren Ingram