Free Gift Transfers with Confectionery

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Nestlé Animal Bar: Animals of Africa

A very straightforward mail-away promotion from Nestlé.


Update 1st November 2023: Paul Hart kindly got in touch to show us a photo of the cover featuring a line right at the bottom, directly below the 'Action Transfers' logo, reading "FREE WITH 6 WRAPPERS".

You can see there would just be space for it! The most reasonable explanation seems to be that his cover is the earlier version, & that the promotion was changed later, requiring a reprint without that line. Litho reprints are cheap & easy to implement, of course.

(This means there's one of these available on eBay at Paul Hart Trading Cards, if you're quick; search for gum-guide-auctions!)



This little transfer logo is admittedly a little unusual, though!


Essentially this is a repurposing in standard Letraset fashion of the Kalkitos / PrestoMagiX "Animals of Africa" set. Above: the Nestlé transfer sheet; below: the PrestoMagiX sheet, for comparison.


The PrestoMagiX sheet (serial 201-00-0-007-001) is copyrighted Gillette, as you would expect, but the Nestlé sheet is not. What's the point of copyright, though, if the people who produce your copyrighted artwork simply farm it out to their other clients? — Fetch the lawyers!

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