Free Gift Transfers with Confectionery

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Suchard Tardis Easter Egg: Doctor Who's Little Book of Villains [1982]

Happy Easter! Here's your egg.



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Inside it is the little leaflet onto which you should apply your transfers. Try not to be concerned about the ineptitude of the storytelling…


The prose style leads me to believe that there was one particular person at Letraset who undertook all these little text-based tasks, such as the Doodle Kits & the Stationery. It's certainly idiosyncratic writing, & although I don't really mean to be rude, I don't expect it was their main job. (After all, my art teacher at school was actually only interested in rugby & sailing, but he still got landed with teaching art as a 'bonus'. These things will happen!)


P.S.: the Ledom Warrior (N.B.: anag. 'Model') appears to be a direct crib from a Valerian character.

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