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Katy No.1, 31st October 1986 — Colour Transfers Free Inside

Too late for Letraset, or Thomas Salter, or Action Transfer Products; not too late for Acorn Printed Products, & even though John Hunt assures me that his company never had an acorn logo, there IS what looks suspiciously like an acorn logo at the top left of the transfer sheet. This is the second time we've seen this logo, so I will have to ask John if he's absolutely sure about this… perhaps it only ever got a couple of outings.


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Above is the comic insert promoting the new comic ahead of its publication, re-using artwork by Purita Campos. In fact, in the event Katy proved to be a short-lived effort — ten fortnightly issues — consisting entirely of reprints & having… shall we say… 'editorial problems'.


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The cover of the first issue was also by Purita Campos, & was in fact previously used for Princess Tina, 6th November 1971.

Fashions had changed ever so slightly over the intervening fifteen years…


But hey! — Free transfers!

For a while, this enlargement from the flyer was all I had to show for the transfer sheet…

…But then Philip Rushton saw this page & kindly offered a scan of his sheet from Katy No.1.

And that logo is DEFINITELY an acorn.

Thank you, Philip!

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Picture Credit: — Philip Rushton