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Between 1964 & 1985, the years with which we are normally concerned, surprisingly few comics contained free gift Letraset transfers. Here is a complete list of those promotions (well, we think it's complete, although you never know when something else might unexpectedly surface from the depths — despite our regular submarine patrols).


Only a handful of promotions took place in the period when Letraset were still producing their own Consumer Products, & the first is as late as 1970.


Even so, there's quite a lot of material to view, so for convenience I've split this article into twenty pages. We'll be extending a bit outside our usual territory, as you'll see! And there are a couple of extra treats, just for fun.


You can choose the promotion you want from the list at the bottom of each page, but for best results it's recommended that you read them in order & then follow its "Next Page" link when you come to it. I've tried to stick as closely as possible to chronological order — or rather, as close as is practical.


Take care when you come to one of the Star Wars-related pages, though; it's easy to get diverted at those points. Stick to the 'Free Gift Transfers in Comics' links, if you want to stay on track!


Although waterslide transfers, tattooze & even iron-ons had been regular Free Gifts in British comics for many years, & Letraset transfers had appeared as Free Gifts since 1966, the first Free Gift Letraset transfers in comics didn't appear until…

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