Nabisco Shreddies Star Wars Battlescapes

A typical advert from a comic at the time of this breakfast cereal promotion — in this case, "Tiger and Scorcher", 17th June 1978. This half-page ad appeared in at least a dozen comics between 24th May & 24th June 1978.


The promotion consisted of two parts: the "battlescapes" on the packet backs (& sides!) on which to apply the transfers, & of course the transfers themselves — which you can see at the bottom of this page.

Scene 4: Escape from the Death Star

I'm showing Scene 4 first, because thanks to Craig Spivey we have this nice scan of a whole cereal packet. This packet is the 10oz. size; there was also a 15oz. size, which with four different battlescapes means eight different boxes.


I find the narrow strip of artwork along the left-hand edge tab (above) particularly revealing, because it belongs to the left-hand edge of Scene 1 — giving us an insight into how the cereal packets were laid out for printing!

But before you go & check that for yourself, here's the Scene 4 Battlescape again, but as it would appear if cut out of the packet. The left-hand tab comes from the right-hand side of the packet, & hopefully remains glued on from when the printed card was assembled into a box at the factory.

(If you find it hard to follow any of that, get your Mummy to explain it to you.)


Scene 1: Capture of the Rebel Cruiser

pic pic

Scene 2: Escape from Mos Eisley

pic pic

Scene 3: Breakout at Prison Block

pic pic

The Transfer Sheets (PR261)

pic pic pic pic
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Picture Credit: the SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to Craig Spivey, Nick Symes & StellarX