Star Wars: Part 1 — Battle at Mos Eisley

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The first printing of this set, in England by rotary gravure, had the serial number GK247/3. The sheet shown above is from the Italian litho reprint, L46/1. The two versions of the sheet were laid out slightly differently, but used the same artwork. Personally, I always prefer gravure transfers to litho…

The reason for the reprint is that Letraset were caught by surprise by the popularity of their Star Wars products, which John Hunt (Brand Manager at the time) told me were their most successful ranges.

Below, you can see how the card was folded to reveal the transfer sheet within, when viewed from the back.


As a treat, courtesy of Tom Doyle, here is the competition which appeared in Star Wars Weekly No.9, 5th April 1978, to win one of these large sets. And then the ad for the competition. More treats on the next two pages!

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Picture Credit: the SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to Joe Robinson, Tom Doyle & StellarX