Popstar Watchits: GK215 [1975]

An interesting oddity, Popstar Watchits give a fair representation of the UK Charts in 1975: the Bay City Rollers, Gary Glitter, Mud, Slade, the Osmonds & the Rubettes.

The six sheets share copyright between the respective acts' management & 'Watchit Co'. The artwork speaks for itself, & was presumably supplied by the client ("Watchit Co").

They all share the same serial number: GK215.


How on Earth these were supposed to go on your watches is a bit of a mystery. Could it have been an established "thing"? If you come across a set today, snap it up to try on your Apple Watch.


Also available was this interesting oddment, using new photos in a similar style; we don't know what it is, or where it came from! We can see it was slightly later, both by the serial number PR246 & by the references to Slik, who came to short-lived prominence in February 1976.

This heavily-used scrap may bring back memories of the look once memorably described as "the wrong kind of 3D" — biro scratches on Letraset plastic.


"Kenny — Jim — Midge — Billy" are members of Slik, while "Eric — Derek — Les — Woody — Ian" refer to a later Bay City Rollers incarnation than seen below; Ian was not a member of the band until 1976.

You can't say I don't do my research!

Here are the six original Popstar Watchit sheets:

pic pic pic pic pic pic
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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives