Free Gift Transfers with Confectionery

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PEZ Rub-Transfers (Japan) [1978]

David Welch (pezdudewelch), World authority & author on PEZ, says:

"Rubons from 1978. Sheet is code dated. A lot of these were made as larger singles — one pic — and smaller doubles — 2 diff pics on same sheet. I have some doubles from Japan — Japanese lettering. Then I have same sets in English marked "Made in Italy". Thanks DW"

Thank YOU, David! Helpful as always.


As you can see, these came from the files of a PEZ distributor.

"Free Rub-transfers in each PEZ-unit. 12 different designs. The new money-maker from PEZ!"


Above: the double sheets. Below: the single sheets, in Japanese (top rows) & in English (bottom rows).


The iconography is very Japanese, so I don't think these would have been widely available outside Japan.

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — David Welch (pezdudewelch)