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Olá Decalcomanias, Portugal

The second of the two Portuguese promotions for ice cream that we know about, we only have very sparse information about these decalcomanias. Although it's hard to get confirmation, I believe both Olá & Raja belonged to the Walls group — which explains the similarity of appearance, down to the red-&-blue two-spot covers. It may even be that Raja became Olá — but for now that's just a guess on my part.


Courtesy of an anonymous donor

One image is not a lot to show for a promotion with at least ten sets, but in fact I have seen other images, & I've even edited them, so they're all ready to go; I just haven't been able to obtain permission to use them.

I contacted a few years ago, but it appears I asked about a year too late; the site hasn't been updated since 2016, & I haven't had a reply. My policy is never to use an image without permission, so if you are, or if you know, the rights holder of any images related to this promotion, please get in touch to let me know if I can use them, so that people will be better able to see what it looked like.

As far as I can make out, these are the titles of the sets in this series:

  1. Animais Pré-históricos — (Prehistoric Animals)
  2. Construção das Pirãmides — (Construction of the Pyramids)
  3. Pescadores de Pérolas — (Pearl Fishers)
  4. ?
  5. Concurso Hípico — (Race Course)
  6. Espeleologia — (Caving)
  7. Regatas — (Yachting)
  8. Construção Auto-estrada — (Construction of a Motorway)
  9. Aves Migratórias — (Migratory Birds)
  10. Aeroporto — (Airport)

I've seen it claimed that these sets were from 1979, but I'd be much more inclined to believe 1969… I've put them here on the assumption that the probable date is around 1971.

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