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GK111 — Olympic Action Replay (1972)

No.5 — Gymnastics & Weight Lifting [GK111/5]

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No.8 — Pole Vault & Hurdles [GK111/8]

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Sorry that No.8 isn't unused, but I thought you might still get some enjoyment out of seeing the two partly-used transfer sheets we have in the Archives!

Adverts & Editions

This ad appeared in Valiant & TV21, 1st July 1972. Note the offer to send away for the Patterson Blick Instant Picture Book "The Olympic Games", which immediately precedes it with a serial number of GK110.

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"On each Olympic Action Replay you'll find an Action Transfer symbol. When you've collected 12 symbols, send them to us and we'll give you an Olympic Book for only 10p. (It normally costs 24p.) It's got 16 pages, lots of coloured pictures, and it tells you all about the Olympic Games. With more transfers for you to rub down! So hurry. Start collecting your symbols now."

(There's a page devoted to Patterson Blick Instant Picture Book Promotions you can visit to find out more.)


As with many Letraset products, there were International editions.

Four years later, for the next Olympic Games, came a completely different range of Kellogg's Olympic Action Replays given away free in boxes of cereal.

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives