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Fun Doodles, with their reliance on licensed characters, lent themselves to international distribution & promotions.

Firstly, here are three versions of the same Magic Roundabout sheet; the original GK106, the GK176/3 reprint for the French 'Magicrama' range, & the PR189 reprint for a Kellogg's promotion. As has been noted elsewhere, reprinting gravure sheets is no small undertaking. There are almost unnoticeable differences in the artwork, but check out Zebedee's pupils in the last sheet…

pic pic pic pic pic pic pic

The Kellogg's set employs a different background from the others. And here's an ad for this promotion:


Original photocopy courtesy of Nick Symes

As you will have seen from the above, Magicrama were the French equivalent of Storytime Doodles; Fun Doodles became 'Calcomagic'. GK106 The Magic Roundabout became GK176/3 Le Manege Enchanté (it is, of course, originally French), & GK109 Tom & Jerry became GK176/4. There were two new titles to appeal to the French-speaking market: GK176/1 Astérix, & GK176/3 Lucky Luke.

pic pic

In Germany, Fun Doodles became 'Lustige Rubbelbilder', & there were other international varieties as well.

pic pic pic pic
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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — Nick Symes