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Capital Tea: Circus Act — [PR16] — (1968)

by Peter Archer

One of the items which Peter Archer left me when he died was this beautiful full, uncut sheet of transfers which does what it say on the tin. He knew how much I love uncut sheets!


PR16 is a very early "PR" serial number, fairly certainly from 1968 — when the gravure press was brand new. You can see Peter is relishing the ability to print sophisticated colour gradients, after his earlier experiences of the limiting hand-separated four spot-colour process!

There were also two 'spares' cut out from another sheet, although unfortunately they are slightly damaged after fifty years in a drawer:



I can find very little information about Capital Tea, let alone any sign of this promotion! So it's entirely thanks to Peter that we know anything about it. It seems the company started in the 60s, & weren't around for very long; other companies are now trading under this name. I did find this poster for the right company in Australia, for what it's worth:



Paul Hart informs me that Capital Tea was owned by Baker Wardell. And some of these transfers have turned up on eBay, often being described as "flimsies"… so now you know!

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives