Free Gift Transfers with Breakfast Cereals

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Ready Brek Free Gift Transfers, 1983 [LP219]

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I have no packet to show you. I can tell you there were at least five transfer sheets, though. And it looks like some of them might glow in the dark… perhaps I should test that hypothesis with the partly-usedsheet that's in the scan archives?

Answer: Yes, they do glow…


(Also shown glowing: White Squadron Space Adventures —&— Shreddies ET)


Colvin Cruickshank demonstrates the ideal use for these transfers:


Original photo courtesy of Colvin Cruikshank

Coincidentally, he had put this image on Instagram not long before I first uploaded this page. So with his permission, now you can see a couple more of the transfers from the series.

As well as a robot transfer from Kellogg's Ricicles Captain Rik, it looks as if Colvin had sheets 1 & 4. How do I know? Because…

Later Yet (getting really quite late now):

Adrian Allen kindly sent me scans of five transfers in their packets, letting us see what I believed to be the whole set. Here's one:


Original scan courtesy of Adrian Allen

But after a decent pause, he ruined everything by turning up a sixth transfer!


Original scan courtesy of Adrian Allen

So that's sheets two & six; meanwhile, I had managed to obtain sheets one, three, four & five — so now that really must be the complete series. Conveniently, the top of the first sheet declares "It's Mine" — which is true.


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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — Dave Johnson — Colvin Cruickshank — Adrian Allen