Create Your Own Action Transfers!

SPLAT presents the online Action Transfers Game.

Here are the titles we've converted to games so far; pick one:

Pirates by Peter Archer
1966 Batman Shredded Wheat
Star Wars Dairylea
Make Your Own Cartoons — 3 Games by Patrick Tilley

Look out for these other titles, among others, coming soon:

pic pic pic pic


If you have comments, or suggestions for sets you would to see made into games, please use the Facebook Action Transfers Page to get in touch.


To play the game, simply drag the transfers to any position you like on the background image.

Whichever one you drag last will be on top, so it's easy to reorder them. Unlike real transfers, you can just keep moving the pieces!
Take a screenshot when you're finished, reload the page, & start again…

Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives
— Game originally designed by StellarX