Remus Picturama

(Not to be confused with Hasbro Picturama Magic Rub-Ons.)

Action Library Series

This title has got a big update coming (long overdue) which will mean we can show you something, at least, for each of the twelve sets in this series. For now, we just have the original five sets inherited from Seven Wonders, but… just you wait.

The address on the first set is given as: "Remus Play-Kits, PO Box No. I6, Halifax, Yorks,  England"; on the others, it is "Remus Play-Kits, P.O. Box 47, Slough, SL1 4LS, England".

The 1975 run of six titles had transfer sheets that were cut-down reprints of earlier Super Action Transfer sheets (with the bottom pair — including the serial number! — of the six sections on the sheet trimmed off), while the following six titles, dated 1976, were original.

Caution: the links on the left take you to the Remus Picturama set, as you'd expect, but the links on the right take you to the sets from which they were derived.

1: Custer's Last Stand
7: Battle for Arnhem Bridge
8: Raid on St Nazaire
9: Sink the Tirpitz
12: Captain Cook's Last Voyage

Junior Series

Two titles, from 1976:

Picturama Junior Series

Picture Credit: SPLAT Scan Archives — StellarX 7 Wonders