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GK122 — Soccer Action Replay (1972)

For the German edition of this range, Letraset changed some of the titles (IOW, the teams supposedly playing), & left off the Star Players. Bob27indy says:

"They have gone with the 'naughty' option of using the same artwork, and in most cases the team colours didn't match. The most cringe-worthy example being the use of the Brazilian team (the artist having sterotyped every player with dark skin) to represent either Real Madrid or B. Monchengladbach!"


We don't have any of this range in the archives, but people have been kind in sending scans & photos for us to show you. First, here are some sets to show how the card came in three sections, with the featured players on the back of the flap which featured the "All action Soccer Quiz":


Now here are twenty-three of the twenty-four sets, to show the front covers & the transfer sheets (No.8 is missing). These images were sent to us by a member of SPLAT, but I believe the original photos may have been taken by Paul Hart of Hart Cards.


Finally, here are the two sets which were previously scanned for StellarX' "Seven Wonders" site. Unfortunately the Quiz/Star Players flap appears to be missing:

Soccer Action Replay (2nd) No.3, GK122/3

pic pic pic

Soccer Action Replay (2nd) No.23, GK122/23

pic pic pic

GK122 — Soccer Action Replay (German Edition) [1972]

Many thanks to Nigel Mercer for providing these scans of Nos. 10 & 16 of the German edition:

pic pic pic pic
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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives (with thanks to Nigel Mercer & StellarX) — Paul Hart