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Large Box: "Ewok Village"


Photo courtesy of Craig Spivey

Rashly & uncharacteristically, I bought a partly-used set, only to find that Craig Spivey had meanwhile upgraded his to an unused box. Anyway, this means we can at last show you the complete set!

The six transfers sheets had the serial numbers 090/207 R, S, T, U, V & W. T & W below are Craig's images.

pic pic pic pic pic pic

Photo courtesy of Craig Spivey

The background scene measured 610mm x 400mm.


Photo courtesy of Craig Spivey

Also in the box could be found this invitation to join the LucasFilm Fan Club; not being in the US, I didn't get an invitation, but Ricky Cleverley did, & he sent us this photo so you can see what it looked like:


Photo courtesy of Ricky Cleverley

The Dairy Time Yogurt Promotion

For five Star Wars Yogurt (sic) tops, you could send off for one of these gifts, one of which — as you can see — is the Ewoks Village Box Set. (Another is a "stationary" set, although presumably it could be moved through the post to reach you before it became sessile.)


The ad scanned above is from Doctor Who Monthly No.85, for February 1984, but it also appeared identically in Return of the Jedi Weekly No.32, January 1984. In practice, this would have meant they were published in the same week.

Do not send cash.

(Of course, you're welcome to send ME cash; just use the PayPal form on the front page of this site!)

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Picture Credit: the SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to Craig Spivey & Ricky Cleverley