Thomas Salter "Return of the Jedi"

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Large Pack: "Ewok Village"


There's a special trick with these packs which I owe it to Craig Spivey for pointing out. You can see the whole card spread out above; now, if you look at the photo below, you will see that on the left-hand sealed set the end flap appears above the front cover artwork, whereas on the right-hand sealed set it is tucked inside, out of the way. It seems clear that the reason for this design ambiguity depended on the intended destination; the end flap contains the International text, which of course would not be necessary in the domestic UK market.

So the left-hand set has been packaged for International sale, & the right-hand set for sale in the UK & English-speaking countries.


The next trick is that the artwork for the background scene is the same as that for the large box "Ewok Village", but reduced in size by cropping. It is just as wide, but not so tall.


The transfer sheet serial number is 090/203.


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Picture Credit: the SPLAT Scan Archives, with thanks to Craig Spivey & Joe Robinson