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Fantastic Four: L69/1A

Unfortunately, as you can see, we've never been able to get very close to a copy of this set. Consequently we will just have to imagine what's inside…

A massive thanks to John Haughey, though, who very helpfully took these photos of his copy before he had to post it to its new owner.

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With great generosity Darren Curzon sent us a mostly-unused sheet:


Only three of the figures appear to be missing, & I hope that at least one of them is of the Invisible Woman demonstrating her actual skills. I don't count getting chained up as a skill. The illustrator seems to be pretty much entirely unaware of who the Fantastic Four are, or what powers they possess. Only one figure of Reed Richards has him actually stretching. And one scene is underwater… but no Namor.

We still haven't seen the background to this set, but although these things typically take years, they do get here in the end!

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Picture Credit: John Haughey — Darren Curzon