What We Want

Here's a list of transfer sets we're looking for. Have you got any?
Please contact us via the Facebook Action Transfers Page if you see anything here you can help with!

Also… SPLAT is truly International, with agents all over the World — but we are currently looking for contacts in France, Italy & Japan. Would you be interested in helping out? If so, please get in touch!

And if you live, or are planning to visit, outside the UK, then (by popular demand) there's a handy shopping list of items to look for at Wanted — Country by Country.

Top Selection
Action Transfers
Other Retail Sets
Action Replay
Thomas Salter
Playmobil Playpeople

Promotional — Cereal
Promotional — Confectionery
Promotional — Food
Promotional — Comics
Promotional — Other Products
Patterson Blick Instant Picture / Dennis Knight Activity Books
Art Sheets

The above is my personal choice of items. Bonus: when we've got them, we'll have completely covered the 1960s.

N.B.: Letraset branded Panoramas only — not Thomas Salter or Waddington's.

Curiously, although we have the unused backgrounds for these two Mini Action Transfers sets, one figure is missing from each of their transfer sheets!

For obvious reasons (it's the name of the site), these three 'Action Transfers' sections above contain the next most important items to obtain.

All Decor-Craft Design Reference numbers start with "27.01." (e.g., 27.01.58, etc.)

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All Art Sheet serial numbers start with "AA" (e.g., AA27, AA36, etc.)