Comics Adverts for Action Transfers

The Action Transfers promotion was launched in late 1969, with comics featuring this ad, with artwork by Frank Bellamy, through the whole of September & October.

The ad was also run internationally; for example, in France a few months later.


Look and Learn No.402, 27th September 1969


Smash! No.31, 10th October 1969

Not all comics had the full range of colours available to "Look and Learn"; the example immediately above shows what could be done with a reduced palette.

Here's the second Action Transfers ad. You'll notice it does include a redrawn version of the Frank Bellamy artwork.


Look and Learn No.460, 7th November 1970

Both ads mention not only the twelve 'Red' Action Transfer sets, but also the six Red Super Action Transfers. The price of the latter is 5/11 in 1969, but a whole penny more at 6/- in 1970; that's inflation for you.

"There's over 35 in the series": twelve red & twelve yellow Action Transfers sets, plus six each of Super Action Transfers. Making 36. Which is, indeed, over 35; perhaps 35 was some kind of magic number back in 1970? Or, joking aside, the copywriter was desperate to use the term "over".

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives