Instant Picture Panorama No.3: Jungle (K49)

Background & cover by Patrick Tilley; transfers by Frank Wheeler (Patrick Tilley Associates).

Here is the original cover from 1965 (N.B.: this is the very same one that features in a photograph on our front page, when still sealed in its cellophane wrapper):

pic pic

For some reason, Letraset have printed both the monochrome transfer sheets in reverse, as you can see by looking at the serial numbers. You might like to compare these transfers with the Busy Bee No.12 "Wild Animal Pictures" set (K45); there's a considerable overlap.

pic pic

We don't have a cover for the 4-spot colour version to show you, but we do have the 4-spot transfers. These ones came (according to the owner) in a pre-Waddington monochrome cover, like the one shown above; how that came about, we can't say. It may just indicate a lackadaisical attitude with regard to printing & distributing the covers — which is suggested by several similar inconsistencies.

pic pic

Again, we don't yet know who did the colour conversions to Frank Wheeler's original monochrome transfers.

Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives