Instant Picture Panorama No.10: Storming a Fortress (K100) 1966

Hot stuff.


Apparently Max Ernst did not contribute to this particular background.


Just imagine all the fun you could have, rubbing down each & every one of those tiny arrows… roll on the computer revolution…

pic pic

The seven 4-spot colour Panoramas which followed on from the original five monochrome titles did not benefit from the creativity of Patrick Tilley Associates, who had ceased to exist in the intervening period, so that Patrick Tilley could move on to a highly successful writing career.

His success is our loss!

Although we don't yet know who was called in to replace him, they didn't do a bad job by any means. I might even say this looks like Peter Archer's work (appropriately, given the number of arrows), but he denies involvement.

Whoever it was did take their cue from the original five, but according to Patrick Tilley, Letraset wanted a less "designer" & more "bubble-gum" style of artwork; that is exactly what they got here.

Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives