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Wayfinders Animal Tracks — the animal transfers promotion

Alan Hubbard sent me this scan of the Animal Tracks box he had as a boy:


And here's the whole box, acquired later on:


You scour the Internet for years looking for a shoebox, & this is all you can find. Though I must admit that it was very, very inexpensive.

In response to enquiries concerning this brilliant artefact, Chris says:

"The miniature box was copied from an original Wayfinders box. My husband deals in old advertising and bought the box many years ago. He thinks it had the original shoes in it as well but it has since been resold."

Thanks to for supplying this amazing item. You can find them at their website, or on eBay (ID: shepherdminiatures), if you're interested in getting one of these boxes for yourself! Unfortunately they don't come with 1/12 scale transfers, or even a tiny spare compass…

The "10 new coloured animal transfers" were added to the promotion with a new series of adverts called "Famous Wayfinders". These three ads were printed in random order, like bubble gum cards or cereal free gifts.

Secret compass in special heel compartment.
Spare compass.
Special Tracker Badge or set of 10 new coloured animal transfers."


The badge is illustrated, but the transfers — unfortunately not. However, we've recently obtained a set, & can now show them to you, along with the compass. But first I thought you might like to see some of my badges. Not that I have a collection, or anything. Anyway, you can see that one of them is the above-mentioned Wayfinders Tracker badge. It's comparatively small.


You can see that our compass has somehow lost its needle; it's a sealed compass mystery:


Presumably, the previous owner left the envelope in the sun for a decade or so:


Unfortunately (for the purposes of my admin), there's no serial number on the transfer sheet:


Oh, alright; since you insist, here's a better photo of the badge:


Now for the ads. Look and Learn No.346 31st August 1968, No.350 28th September 1968, & No.365 11th January 1969:

pic pic


No room for mention of transfers in the Competition in No.374, 15th March 1969; but in No.396, 16th August 1969, it's a year on & the animal transfers are still going strong. Then, next week…

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — Alan Hubbard —