Free Gift Transfers with Confectionery

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Dickmann Jubilaeums Rubbel Aktion Pinocchio [1978] — LP63A

A search for "Dickmann Jubilaeums" gets me nothing, apart from hundreds of images from this very website. Such is the price of fame… but not very helpful. However, Dickmann is a German confectionery manufacturer, now part of Storck. So I'm not just imagining it.


Yet again, we have little to go on but what you see; since the lower scan is of sheet LP63A/8, we can at any rate deduce there must have been a minimum of eight transfers in the set. No doubt they came free in packets of Jubilaeums, & quite likely they all featured the Disney version of the adventures of Pinocchio.

They may even have been in chronological order, in which case you can have a good go at estimating how many transfers in total would have been required to tell the full story…

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