Free Gift Transfers with Confectionery

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Victory V Jelly Babies Instant Pictures [1969]

Here's an advert, in Treasure No.349 (20th September 1969):


"There are ten sets in the series."

  1. Buttercup Farm
  2. Air Battle
  3. Cowboys & Indians
  4. Gypsy Camp
  5. Picnic Party
  6. Balloon Race
  7. Horse Show
  8. Space Invasion
  9. Tiger Hunt
  10. The Circus


And here's the bright new 1/- box:


I don't know how many different box backs there were; pretty much any of the transfers would go with this one, possibly apart from "Tiger Hunt":


Courtesy of murraycards51

Nick Symes asked me what this transfer was, & I'm afraid it's the only one of this series we've seen so far!


Courtesy of Nick Symes

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