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There is a venerable tradition of selling children packets with random contents. Over the years, Letraset were associated with several of these pernicious scams; we know of eight.

The big surprise is that three of these (the "Tattooze") do not involve Letraset's own patented invention, dry rub-down transfers!

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Dandy Bubble Gum with Action Transfers [1972]

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En ny sjov ting fra dandy
Masser af sjove, farvestrålende billeder
— Der kan overføres til cykler, legetøj, bøger, tandkrus o.s.v.
Ekstra! Bogstaver eller tal på hvert ark så man selv kan "trykke" sit navn
Eksempler: Anna 4A — Erik 5B

"A new fun thing from Dandy
Lots of fun, colorful images
— Can be transferred to bicycles, toys, books, tooth mugs, etc.
Extra! Letters or numbers on each sheet so you can "Rub Down" your name
Examples: Anna 4A — Erik 5B"

This advert is from the Danish Donald Duck magazine "Anders And & Co.", No.34 (August 21st 1972).

StellarX001 pointed out:

"Interesting — check out the lion figure on the green book shown on the front of the box. Now go check the AT Series 1 Entertainments 'Circus' set."

Yes, Letraset are up to their old tricks, reusing artwork wherever possible.

The three photos on this page (& the first on the next) have been kindly provided by Tonni Hansen, & were taken from his excellent website His site, which specialises in Danish toys, is well worth a visit, particularly if you are interested in Dandy — the Danish confectionery company responsible for a great many temporary tattoos, among other things.

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Picture Credit: Tonni Hansen