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There were originally two ranges of four Rub-Ons each:

"Rub-Ons" was a trademark of Hasbro at the time, but dry rub-down transfers were Letraset's own invention, & still under patent. Hasbro Rub-Ons had been hugely inferior up to this point, since they basically consisted of smudges of ink printed onto waxy paper. This is discussed in detail in our article about Hasbro & Topps. The range of Rub-Ons illustrated here represented Letraset & Hasbro coming to an accord.

Two years later, another series of Rub-Ons was published — also released as the Action Adventure series: L86 from 1979.


Rub-Ons were the same format & sheet size as Fun Doodles & Storytime Doodles, etc., with the background consisting of the most basic possible arrangement (other than unfolded): a sheet of card with a single fold along the bottom edge.

The punch holes at the top (which annoyingly interfere with the background artwork) were a requirement of the US method of selling this type of product on racks rather than in counter boxes.

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As they typically would have appeared in their wrappers:

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