Action Replay

There were twelve different ranges in the Action Replay family, including a couple of black sheep. The principle was simple; small Action Transfer sets featuring actual sports events. Most were retail items (available in newsagents, toy shops, etc.), but a couple were in the form of cereal Free Gifts.

John Hunt says:

"Hi Tom, I remember the series as it was one I produced but cannot remember if there was more than one series. What I do remember is that the launch was supported by a 7 sec TV ad. The product was produced after the success of Mini Toons of which there were several series.

"The Canadian series was a promotional insert for Post cereals and there was one for Topps Chewing Gum which I think was on baseball. This again was a retail product."

(To clarify: there was no 'Topps Baseball Action Replay' as such; Topps did produce a Mini-Toons product, "Magic Rub-Offs", & a racing car range, "Speed Wheels". These each feature in their own articles. Because Topps' association with Baseball transfers is interesting in itself, there will be an article on these appearing later.)

GK105 — Soccer Action Replay [1971]

The first Action Replay title was a range of twenty-four sets; we have four sets (& another transfer sheet) to show you. More will be added later.

No.10 — Last Ditch Tackle plus Alan Mullery

pic pic pic

No.13 — Hand Ball plus Roy Mcfarland

pic pic pic

No.15 — Goal-line Clearance plus Bob Mcnab

pic pic pic

No.23 — Spectacular Overhead Kick plus Charlie George


Here you can see a transfer sheet both with & without its backing tissue. Jay Kinsell sold me one hundred copies of this transfer sheet, GK105/23 (just the sheet — no background), which he purchased as part of a job lot of football items. It's a complete mystery as to how they could all have ended up together. An uncut gravure-printed sheet would contain one each of the twenty-four different transfers, so were the sheets collated into identical stacks after cutting?

No.24 — Wizards of the Dribble plus Charlie Cooke

pic pic pic
pic pic

The cards were simple folded sheets, but you will notice that they had a pair of "L" shaped notches in them so that the transfer sheet could be slotted in with minimal danger of falling out.

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives