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PR159 "Eco. de Normandie" [1973]

Sue Wilson's father was a toolmaker, & they lived in Ashford until she was seven years old. After his death, several uncut sheets of Letraset were discovered. Letraset were always throwing away sheets with printing errors (usually colours out of registration, or even missing), & staff & visitors would often rescue these from the bin to give to their children to play with — or just to keep.

I was able to identify most of the sheets for her, but this promotion was new to me.

"ECO. DE NORMANDIE" probably refers to École de Normandie, of which there is a prominent example in Québec. The reason for favouring Canada over France is that Letraset did many promotions in Canada, particularly for Kellogg's cereals.

(It's worth mentioning that there is also the "École de management de Normandie", which is a famous French business school with several International campuses, including one at Oxford. That's more usually abbreviated to "EM Normandie", though.)


The Turkish Angora Cat is numbered "132" — I don't know if there really were one hundred and thirty-two or more transfers in this set; that would be a colossal number.


My guess is that there would have been a big 'World Map' poster (judging by the content of the transfers), or quite likely a booklet, to which you could apply these. So not every numbered illustration would have been an 'empty slot' requiring a transfer.


At this size of image, a single uncut sheet would have held thirty-six transfers. That could well have been the whole set. On the other hand, there could have been yet another sheet — or even two more…


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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — Sue Wilson