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Décotransfert were introduced by Dargaud in time for Christmas 1971. There were nine of these little eight-page booklets, featuring characters from the Dargaud canon. As is usual with transfer books, the transfer sheet was stapled into the centre pages. Dargaud's advertising was handled by Publiart, who also commissioned the Tintin promotions three years earlier.

Fans of Moebius (the late Jean Giraud) will particularly enjoy No.7, drawn under his other alias "Gir".

Eventually many of these transfers were reused as Kalkitos albums!

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These ads appeared in Pilote, between issues 633 (23rd December 1971) & 644 (9th March 1972).

The range was also distributed throughout Europe, under different titles. In the UK, for example, No.1 is called "Astérix in Gaul — Story with Transfers". Interesting that the accent was retained — presumably since the word was treated as a graphic.

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Thanks to Paul Hart for showing us the English version, which is quite hard to come by.

For many years, I didn't have No.1 "Astérix: Le Village Gaulois" to show you; it seems collectors treat this series as if they were comics, valuing No.1 as if it were the first issue of X-Men or something… in fact, it's no different from any of the others.

Eventually, however, I bought one from eBay Seller cardboxde. It's the German version, as you might expect. He is also selling complete sets & boxes, if you're interested! Here's a picture of his to illustrate:


No.1 — Astérix: Le Village Gaulois / In Gallien

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — Paul Hart — cardboxde