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TV Comic: 1377 (5th May 1978) & 1378 (12th May 1978) — Skateboard Iron-On Action Transfers

"Iron-On Action Transfer", eh? Hmmm. Well, Letraset did print iron-ons occasionally; & the term "Action Transfers" was a trademark. So I'm inclined to think Letraset probably did print these — although it could all just have been an innocent mistake in the wording.


Letraset isn't mentioned in the interior text, but then you wouldn't necessarily expect them to have been, even if they were responsible.


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Since the only text on the transfers is "© 1978 Polystyle Publications Ltd.", there's no confirmation that they were printed by Letraset.

While we're at it, in issue No.1427 (20th April 1979) you could get a free "Incredible Bulk" sticker. Probably not by Letraset… but I'm still mentioning it, just in case. They certainly had the technology to do so!


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