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Thomas Salter: Space Attack Rub Down Action Transfers [1982]


Confectionery-style packets:

"4 Space Transfers Inside"; "Over 50 Space transfers in this series. Buy more packs to add to your collection".


pic pic

That's seven sheets of the fifty; you get the idea.

Thomas Salter: Terrific Tattooze

The last item in this tour of Letraset/Salter packets is this slightly mysterious item:


The owner, Paul, while happy for us to share the image, was not prepared to open any of the packets to let us examine the contents. However, it's reasonable to assume that they would have been Tattooze using the artwork from previous packets: Rub Down Horrors, Space Monsters, Savage Age & Space Attack. If it seems odd that Tattooze would use dry rub-down transfer artwork, it's worth mentioning again that the reverse had already occurred when Letraset Rub Down Horrors re-used the GK175 Letraset Tattooze Multi-Coloured Skin Transfers artwork.

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives — Paul