Free Gift Transfers in Food Promotions

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Brooke Bond Magic Chimps Game [PR48] (1970)

(see below for The Tipps Family transfers)

This is one of my favourite promotions, on account of its beautiful design.

Although tea card collectors are all over the Internet, hardly any of them deign to mention any Free Gifts other than the 'traditional' tea cards. And at the time of writing, none of them seem to be aware of this promotion. Well… they're missing a trick!

In your box of PG Tips tea you would find one of these paper envelopes:


Taking out the card from the envelope, you find a piece of paper folded in half:


And turning over the paper, you see a sheet of transfers & the backing on which to apply them.


Photo courtesy of Paul Hart

At the moment I only have three of these. From the top — "TV Chimps", "Pop Group"" & "Brass Band":


And here are the transfer sheets — "TV Chimps" is now in the middle:


Those of you with eagle eyes will soon find your discrimination rewarded!

Meanwhile, of the two sets I don't have, here are a couple of photos to give you an idea; "Tea Party":


Photo courtesy of promus5

…And "Camping".


Photo courtesy of 2005teree

Did you spot the visual clues I was hinting at? By looking for the serial number & trim marks at the edges of the transfer sheets, you can deduce precisely how the whole uncut sheet would have been put together:


For several years, it looked as if this series comprised only four sets; then, the other day, "TV Chimps"" showed up out of the blue. The tantalising aspect of all this is that there's still an empty slot on the half-crown uncut sheet; was there a sixth set? Will it turn up sooner or later? — OH, THE SUSPENSE!

The Tipps Family

Brooke Bond only used transfers as Free Gifts once more, as far as I'm aware; this second promotion, which according to one source dates from 1994, is rather late for us, & it doesn't hold a candle to the stylishness of the Magic Chimps Games.

However, here it is. There is one feature of this promotion which seems to be unique in my experience: you could get the same sheet of transfers either as dry rub-downs or as skin tattoos!



Not knowing much about this promotion, I can't tell you if you had to choose between them, were randomly assigned one or the other type, or received both at once. I've only got the dry rub-down sheet (thanks to Tony of, but it's clear that the artwork really is identical; just the transfer method & the instructions are different.


Skin Tattoos instructions courtesy of pkb9


Skin Tattoos courtesy of pkb9

There's a more than sporting chance that Acorn were responsible for these transfers.


Hi Tom — As far as I know they were not issued in packets or boxes, they came with the MEET THE TIPPS FAMILY ACTIVITY BOOK. This was a colouring book with poster and transfers/tattoos. I think you received a transfer or tattoo sheet not both. Best Regards Val — attic-curios

In that case, to me it would seem to make a lot more sense to include BOTH versions — one for rubbing down in the activity book (a venerable tradition), & one for 'personal use' on your arms or wherever. Presumably I'm now going to have to track down this activity book to uncover the hard evidence…

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