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Marvel UK Transformers Nos.1-3, 20th September - 31st October 1984 — Free Action Transfers

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There's not much to say about these, except that Transformers fans seem to be even more willing than Star Wars fans to fork out huge sums for obscure items, which explains why we don't have them in the SPLAT Scan Archives. The images on this page have been very kindly supplied by Pete Carroll — many thanks!

However, no sooner did he send in his images than another batch, nearly identical, came in from Phil Cutler of So thanks to him as well. It certainly is appreciated when people make the effort to contribute — even if there is some duplication, as here. Much better that than no images to display at all!

It seems that the full-page scene from the left-hand centre page of No.1 was intended as a background for both transfer sheets from the first two issues.

The transfers are referred to as "Action Transfers" (with logo), putting them firmly in the grasp of Thomas Salter. They have no serial numbers. Since Letraset produced at least one set of iron-on transfers (Rupert transfers for Brown & Poulson, in 1972), & had referred to iron-ons in trade advertising as a desirable commodity, it's plausible that this iron-on transfer may also have had Letraset/Thomas Salter connections. However, that would be purely conjectural, since there's no evidence either way at the moment.

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Picture Credit: Pete Carroll — Phil Cutler