Free Gift Transfers in Comics

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It's SPLAT, Everybody!

It just so happens that I did own a copy of this comic supplement, back in 1985. I didn't realise I would end up spending all my time curating transfers, or I would have kept mine! This one is courtesy of the ever-helpful phil-comics. (That's his eBay name; add a ".com" for the website!)

As I recall, the contents were basically newspaper strip reprints. The 15p cover price indicates it was sold separately, but I believe it was more often found as a supplement to a newspaper — almost certainly the Guardian, since that's what we subscribed to.


I'm pretty sure the skin transfers are not Letraset-related; too late, for one thing. But since it mentions "SPLAT" so prominently, that alone guarantees it a page of its own.

Also the cartoon on the front page is pretty funny.

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