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How much confidence did John Waddington Ltd. have in Letraset? We've seen from their Waddington's Games 1966 brochure that they took on Letraset's toys from 1st January 1966, but when we look at their four-page comic insert advertising their Christmas games, there's no mention of any of them.

Here is the promotional insert, taken from "Look and Learn" No.255, 3rd December 1966:

pic pic pic

However, we have better luck by next year. Here is "Waddington's Magazine" from "Look and Learn" No.307, 2nd December 1967:

pic pic pic

Hooray for Panoramas, which are mentioned at last. Not only on the inside, but even on the cover, where they're referred to as "12 Great new Panorama instant pictures".

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Picture Credit: The SPLAT Scan Archives